Challenge FAQ’s

Challenge FAQ’s


Am I eligible to participate in the challenge?

Participation in this research challenge requires an active full-time affiliation with a university or academic research institute – either as a student or as a researcher/faculty member.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept participants whose full-time occupation is not associated with an academic research institution. This includes consulting, government, and commercial industries to name a few. 

What is needed to apply?

Before submitting your application please make sure that you have proof of enrollment available to upload as well as an active academic email address.

Can non-participants access data?

We’re working on making the data and instructions of the challenge available to non-participants after the competition has started. Please sign up for our e-mail list, so that you will get noticed if and when that happens.

How can I form a team with other participants?

Registration for the challenge happens on an individual basis, as we need to validate the eligibility to participate for every participant individually. Approved applicants will get access to a dedicated participant portal shortly before the start of the competition.  Within the participant portal, you will be able to form a team with other participants.